Corfe Mullen today

Sunday 26th October 2015

At home Chris and I are tackling the Monster Hedge in the front of our garden, so the dogs are out there with us while we are working. Jez had spent her time getting to know a young dog that came to visit the neighbours and spending time with the neighbour’s daughter, Jessica, so I guessed she wouldn’t want to walk very far. For that reason I took the dogs up to the Corfe Mullen end of Upton Heath once we’d finished the day’s work on the hedge.

I was right about Jez. She didn’t want to walk very far at all, although she did go off exploring at one point. Consequently we only really walked round the outside of the small reservoir and back to the car. I did spot quite a few tree routes by the reservoir, covered in fungi though.

Lots of fungi

I also finally spotted an Orb Spider, which I’ve been looking for on the heath for the past few weeks without any success. Unfortunately, it had it’s back to me, so it’s not a great photo.

Orb Spider

And finally, a photo of the dogs back in the car at the end of our walk.

Ready to go home

They are really quite cosy in the back there.

A year ago today

We were on Upton Heath. The weather doesn’t look as nice as it was today.

Time for a rest

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