Our Monday morning walk on Upton Heath

Monday 28th September 2015

It’s Monday morning so that must mean that Max and I head over to Upton Heath before I go to Wimborne to do my grocery shopping. We walk over, and as I passed a sycamore tree en route I noticed this brightly coloured leaf in the grass glistening in the sun.

Sycamore leaf

Once we got into the pine trees on the heath I found this lovely little Grisette.


We continued on to the pond…

Max in the pond

… where we met Dawn with Henry and Ariadne.

Henry and Ariadne

And while they raced around…

Making a run for it

… Dawn and I chatted and Max just stood waiting patiently for me to throw his cone.


We walked on round the heath together and then Max and left them to come on home, via Creekmoor Ponds as usual.

Creekmoor Ponds

It had been a nice walk on a lovely sunny day. Unfortunately, in the afternoon it was back to working on the Monster Hedge.

A year ago today

I took Max and Jez to Canford Heath. Here’s Jez on the Redbrick Path, looking up again.

Jez on the Redbrick Path


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