Tuesday means its Canford Heath

Tuesday 29th September 2015

Tuesday morning Max and I headed over to Canford Heath. We headed out, as usual, through the pine trees.

Walking through the pine trees

When we got to the ‘crossroads’ Max stopped to pose for me.


The plan for today was to head up to the top of Longfleet Drive, walk across in front of the pit on out into the woods the other side as there are normally lots of Hare’s Foot Inkcaps growing there. Anyway, here’s a photo of the woods.

In the woods

Sadly, though, where they have been doing conservation work, they tipped all of the tree chippings onto the Hare’s Foot Inkcap site, so there weren’t any. So much for Conservation!

We walked a long the coach road for a way, and Max had had a quick play in the deep pool at the side of the path. A bit further on and there were lots of puddles.

Puddles on the old Coach Road

After a while we turned back across the heath…

Heading across the heath

… and headed for the stream.

By the stream

Max was a happy boy as he got the chance to play cone.

Max wants to play

It’s a very serious business, don’t you know.

A year ago today

Our new bedroom furniture arrived (well, most of it, anyway).

The new bedroom furniture has arrived


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