The top of Upton Heath

Wednesday 30th September 2015

It was a lovely sunny morning again, although, as you will see, quite hazy. I took Max up to Corfe Mullen and we walked around the top end of Upton Heath. The view from the top-most viewpoint (there are two) was rather nice.

View from the top of the heath

We walked down the hill to Beacon Road, and then on round to the lower viewpoint. Just before we continued on down the hill a short way I took this panorama looking across the heath.

Looking down across the heath

A few yards down the hill I took this photo of the two trees that you will have seen in many of my photos before.

Looks almost Mediterranean

As I said, it was a lovely morning.

We turned off and started to walk around the back of the hill, and as we did so I took this photo of Max.

Max in the bracken and heather

We’d only gone a few yards further when Henry and Ariadne came bounding up to us. We stood and chatted for a while with Dawn, their owner, and with some other people who happened along, before Dawn and the dogs joined us as we continued our walk. We parted company with Dawn, Henry and Addy near Beacon Road and headed back up the hill again.

I was cutting through to the top viewpoint when I turned and looked at the view and had to take another panorama. I loved the view of Poole Harbour from this angle.

Poole Harbour glistens in the sun

After that we walked on round the reservoir and back to the car. A very pleasant walk.

A year ago today

Max and I went for a short walk in Northmead Copse in Creekmoor, where he got very excited by all of the sweet chestnuts on the ground.

Now which one shall I eat first?


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