Thursday at Upton Country Park

Thursday 1st October 2015

How can it be October already? Where on earth has this year gone? It seems to have flown by.

Anyway, today it was bright and sunny and Max and I headed to Upton Country Park before my pilates class as usual. The sun is now very low in the sky in the mornings, and this morning it ensured that the sheep were back-lit.

The sheep's in the meadow

It was a shame I didn’t want mushrooms for dinner, as there were some lovely Horse Mushrooms growing in the grass in the new section of the park.

Horse Mushroom

And in the woods I found some common puffballs.

Common Puffballs

The fungi might be coming along nicely, but the beech trees don’t think it’s autumn yet.

The beech trees don't know autumn is almost upon us

And the reeds look rather nice in the sunshine.

The reeds were blowing in the breeze

Meanwhile, back at the stream…


And here’s another one of him for you.


So having walked round the back of the park Max and I headed through the gardens, cutting back to the Woodland Walk, and then headed for the stream to have a last game of cone before we went back to the car.

About to cross the stream

En route back to the car we met our friends Lily and Alfie, the two Staffordshire Bull Terriers who live just along the road from us. I stopped to say hello for a moment, but only for a moment as we were quite late and I was in danger of missing the start of my pilates class.

A year ago today

We had another walk in Northmead Copse in Creekmoor.

Northmead Copse


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