The weather has changed

Saturday 3rd October 2015

Well, there goes the sun! It was a bit of a dull and murky afternoon for our walk on Upton Heath today.

Looking across the heath

The conditions did make for some nice reflections in one of the little boggy pools on the heath.

Reflections on the heath

We walked up the hill, out onto the Roman Road and then came down into Pinesprings, where I took a couple of photos of Jez.

Jez has a rest

Although I was obviously boring her.


Instead of walking all the way down through Pinesprings, which I knew would involve quite a bit of lying down on Jez’s behalf, I managed to steer the dogs back onto the Roman Road, which made our walk back to the car slightly quicker. I took this shot just as we passed under the old railway bridge.

Along the Roman Road

And lastly, some sweet chestnut leaves which were starting to turn.

Sweet Chestnut leaves

Unfortunately the forecast for the next few days isn’t good. We can expect rain.

A year ago today

We were monitoring progress on the new paths at Upton Country Park.

Progress at the Country Park


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