Max and I go to Wareham Forest

Wednesday 7th October 2015

No photos for a couple of days, I’m afraid. On Monday I was back on Upton Heath, and I decided to not try and get any photos there for a 3rd day running. I didn’t want you to get too bored. We did meet Dawn with the two Pointers, Henry and Ariadne though, and they came home with us. I wanted to see how Max coped with having them at home as I am hoping to dog-sit them for a while on Friday. As it was it all went fine. Then Tuesday I had to take Dad to the eye clinic so didn’t take the dogs out.

So here we are at Wednesday, and Max had an appointment in Wareham with his dermatologist in the early afternoon. Poor boy has been quite bad again recently. Jez decided not to come with us as, once again, she had been out with Chris in the morning.

After the vet appointment Max and I went onto Wareham Forest. Without Jez I chose a slightly different route, but we always walk through this first junction.

Walking through Wareham Forest

After the ‘trauma’ of 30 minutes in with the vet Max was happy to play in all the water around the Forest. Here he is in one of the boggy pools with his stick.

Max with his stick

We walked onto the Gruffalo Pool…

Max at the edge of the Gruffalo Pool

… and then continued up the hill the other side, which is apparently called Great Ovens Hill.

View across Wareham Forest from Great Ovens Hill

We circled around the top of the hill and headed back down the other side towards the Gruffalo Pool again. This was the view across Decoy Heath from part-way down.

Looking across Decoy Heath

And here is another view from further down where there’s a handy little seat.

Decoy Heath

After that it was back to the Gruffalo Poole for Max.

Max in the Gruffalo Pool

And then on back to the car and home.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park where I took this photo of the cows.



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