Well that was a real pain

Thursday 8th October 2015

Jez decided to come with Max and I when we went for our walk at Upton Country Park this morning. I parked in the new car park and we walked around the new section and the woodland walk. It was a bit overcast so I only took a couple of photos. The first one is to show that Max is going to be in for a treat soon. This Sweet Chestnut tree has lots of nuts just waiting to fall.

Lots of Sweet Chestnuts

Walking along the path near the cows field isn’t very pleasant at the moment – it’s very smelly. And the poor cows are left to cope with loads of mud. As you can see in this next photo. But at least there are a few piles of straw in places, creating little cow islands in the mud.

Cow Island

When we got back to the car two things happened: Max ran off and found some discarded rubbish to scavenge (until I could get there and pull him away), and I discovered I had a flat tyre. So I had to call Chris and get a neighbour to run him over with a pump (this car doesn’t have a spare). Then once I got home I had to go and get the tyre sorted. It had a nail through it and I needed a new tyre. And I never made it to pilates.

There’s no year ago today, I’m afraid. I don’t seem to have taken any photos that day.


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