Just Max and I this afternoon

Saturday 10th October 2015

Saturday is my cleaning day, and so Chris takes the dogs (well, normally just Max) out in the morning and I do the afternoon walk. Today Jez decided to go with Chris and Max, and they had a long walk, so she decided against coming with me in the afternoon. I still went to Upton Heath as usual though.

Max and I walked up the Roman Road, where we played with a stick in a little stream for a few minutes.

Can you throw my stick again Mum?

We continued on up the Roman Road, bypassing Pinesprings, and then turned onto the heath where I found these really nice Razor-strop fungi growing on a sliver birch tree.

Razor strop fungi on Silver Birch

We walked up to the viewpoint, down the hill a short way, and then turned off to the left to follow the little valley that runs parallel to the main track. This was the view across to ‘one-tree hill’.

One tree hill

After that it was onto the pond and another stick.

Time to play in the pond

As we didn’t have Jez with us we walked on round the lower heath then headed back along the Roman Road to the car.

A year ago today

A coal tit in our garden.

Bottoms up!


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