Our Monday morning walk on Upton Heath

Monday 12th October 2015

Jez decided to come with Max and I for our walk on Upton Heath again this morning, so Chris drove us over and dropped us off. Having said yesterday that I found my first Shaggy Inkcap of the year, I found another one as soon as I walked through the gate onto the heath at the corner of Beechbank Avenue this morning.

Shaggy Inkcap

It was a lovely sunny morning and the heath was looking rather nice.

Looking across the lower heath

We walked to the pond and en route met our friend Judy with her lurcher Jasper.


Sadly Jasper isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (Henry the pointer is terrified of him), but we get on ok, and you can see Jasper’s softer side in this photo where he’s looking up at Judy.

The look of love

After we left Jasper and Judy we walked on round the lower heath. Here the sun is shining through the siver birch trees which are starting to turn yellow and lose their leaves (you can most probably also make out Jez in the shadows).

Sunlight and shadows in the silver birch grove

Although most of the Fly Agaric in this area have finished fruiting I did find this little one, not yet showing it’s red colouring, pushing up through the soil.

Fly agaric

And so we headed on to the Roman Road.

Walking towards the Roman Road

After that we walked home through Creekmoor where the dogs had a dip in the ponds just to round off their walk.

After we got home I did my grocery shopping, and then after lunch started to clear away the remaining cuttings from the hedge. We had piled the branches up by the footpath and when we were moving them I suddenly spotted this toad nestled in amongst them.

We found a toad

We were very careful not to squash him.

And one final piece of news for today. We heard this morning that our God-daughter, Lucy, gave birth to a little girl last night. Maisie Belle arrived 5 weeks early but is doing well. So very many congratulations to Lucy and Jam.

A year ago today

We went to Canford Heath for our walk, where I spotted these little Mycena fungi.

Mycena Fungi


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