In which Jez does a runner

Thursday 15th October 2015

Jez decided to come with Max and I again this morning. These Cartrophen injections she’s having for her joints must be doing some good. She’s certainly a lot more active. We went to Upton Country Park as usual on a Thursday when I have pilates but there was little sign of activity from Jez this morning. She plodded along very slowly, doing a lot of sniffing as she went. Here she is crossing the stream.

Jez crosses the stream

Max and I kept having to stop and wait for her, but it was a nice sunny morning so we didn’t mind too much. And Max found himself a stick to chew.

Max has a chew on his stick

As we headed round towards the lake I was surprised to see these pretty little purple flowers still in bloom. I’m not sure what they are though.
Still blooming

We took the path towards the lake and Jez continued to lag behind. I could hear that there were still workmen chopping down trees up ahead so paused for a second to watch 3 ladies in front of us to see if the boardwalk was open. I stopped for less than a minute. When I looked round Jez had gone. Little Miss ‘I can hardly put one foot in front of the other this morning’ had done a runner. The problem was, at that point she could have taken one of 5 paths. I spent some time walking / running round calling her and looking for her. Eventually I found her strolling across someone’s garden in the nearby houses! It’s such a worry when she runs off like that.

Once I’d got her on the lead we continued our walk. This was the view looking back across the boardwalk: you can see the work they’ve been doing there this past week.

Tree clearance at the lake

By now we were starting to run late and I was getting worried about getting to my pilates class in time. We headed back to the car park, but not before Jez had taken a slight diversion through the woods. I, meanwhile, took this photo across the very smelly field of cows.

Pastoral scene

I’m pleased to say I just about made it home in time to get changed and get to pilates.

A year ago today

Another one from our holiday in West Bay. In the morning we went for a walk a little way along the coast, but then it chucked it down with rain so we huddled in our caravan. Later in the afternoon the sun came out, though, which made for some great photos around West Bay, like this one.

Bathed in Sunlight


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