Max and I return to Upton Country Park

Friday 16th October 2015

As we only walked a little bit of the Country Park yesterday I took Max back there again today for a longer walk round it. Although it is slow in coming, there are signs that Autumn is well on its way.

In the autumn leaves

That was taken at the end of the Woodland Walk as we headed towards the lake. Before we reached that spot, though, I took Max to the two Sweet Chestnut trees in the new section that are covered in nuts (and which are now starting to fall). Max was in his element.

Max looks for the perfect sweet chestnut

He’s very fussy though. Not just any old sweet chestnut will do. But today he came up with the jackpot.

Max looks to have found the perfect sweet chestnut

I don’t know how he can hold them in his mouth – let alone chew them up!

In the wood chipping that form the path round by the lake I spotted some tiny little fungi. I think they are wax caps, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

Wax caps

Elsewhere in the Park, though, there was still a borage plant in bloom.

The borage is still in bloom

Along by the stream some leaves are falling, but on the whole it’s still pretty green.

Max waits by the stream

The view across Upton Lake looked pretty wintry today though.

View over Upton Lake

We did not cut through the gardens today but instead continued on our old walk all round the front of the house and gardens. We then cut back across the front lawn.

Strolling across the front lawn

And from there it was back to the car. But it had been a much longer walk today.

A year ago today

Another one from our short break down at West Bay last year, this time of Chris on the beach at Eype.

Happy Holidays


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