Weekend walks on Upton Heath

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th October 2015

We walked on Upton Heath on both Saturday and Sunday this week-end. The weather wasn’t great on Saturday, so I only have a few photos. And Sunday’s walk was a bit odd, so I don’t have that many photos from then either.

So, on Saturday afternoon Jez, Max and I drove over to the corner of Beechbank Avenue, parked up, and started our walk. Jez led the way (from behind) and took us through Longmeadow Lane woods towards the Roman Road. Max was a happy boy, though, as that meant a sweet chestnut hunt for him.

Max goes in search of sweet chestnuts

Here he proudly shows off his prize.

Max with his prize

I thought Jez would head up the Roman Road to Pinesprings, but instead she turned up onto the old railway line, so we ended up walking to the pond and then round the lower heath. Max found more sweet chestnuts along the old railway line.

Double bubble

It had been a good day’s questing for him.

I only have one other photo from today as it was so murky out: of some lovely bright red blackberry leaves.

Colourful Blackberry Leaves

And so on to Sunday. On Sunday I drove up to Beacon Road in an attempt to walk to upper heath. Jez had other ideas though, and immediately led us down to Pinesprings, which was looking very inviting in the autumn sunshine.

A sunny afternoon at Pinesprings

It was obvious that she wasn’t feeling up to much of a walk, so I sat on the seat and found a stick for Max.

Max has got a stick

He was happy playing with it, though.

Max posing with his stick

Meanwhile Jez lay in the sun. She wandered about a bit at one stage, and then something caught Max’s attention.

Something has caught Max's attention

After a while Jez moved on down the hill. She only got to the next field, though, before she turned off down a little footpath that comes out on Pinesprings Drive. So that was the way we went. Down the footpath, up Pinesprings Drive, back onto the heath at the top of the Roman Road, and then back to the car. Like I said, a bit of a strange walk today.

A year ago today

It was another grey day on Upton Heath.

View over Upton Heath


3 thoughts on “Weekend walks on Upton Heath

      • That’s one thing I love about New Mexico. We have about 300 days of sun a year. Of course, clouds act like a giant filter so your colors can pop mid-day whereas I have to wait for morning or evening to get better color. (smile)

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