Max and I are back on a dismal Upton Heath

Monday 19th October 2015

Jez didn’t come with Max and I for our walk this morning. I didn’t really blame her as it was grey and dismal. I did take a few photos though. Firstly, here’s Max in the pond.

Cone time (notice he's splashed water on my lens)

Notice he’s splashed water all over the lens!

And this is looking across the pond. The sky was interesting, but that was about it.

At the pond

We walked over the little hill round the back of the pond, and near the main track we met one of the cows.

We met one of the cows

Max is very good and pretty much ignores them now. And the cow was more interested in brunch than us.

We wandered back through the old pits and onto the lower heath. Here is Max in the silver birch grove.

In the silver birch grove

And then after that it was back home. Not the most memorable of walks.

A year ago today

Max found a huge pile of sweet chestnuts on Canford Heath and was in doggy heaven.

Max is in Sweet Chestnut Heaven

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