Back to the dermatologist then onto Wareham Forest

Wednesday 21st October 2015

Max had a follow-up appointment with his dermatologist today, which was a good job as he has been getting worse, not better, and has chewed one of his hind paws raw. This is one time Jez doesn’t mind going to the vet as she knows it’s not her appointment. So she took the opportunity to have a quick snooze in the consulting room.

Jez waits in the vet's surgery

We left the vet loaded up with medication: tablets to counter the yeast infection, anti-biotics to see off any bacterial infection, steroids to try and knock everything on the head, and his usual anti-itch tablets. Poor dog has more tablets than breakfast of a day!

After the vet we went on to Wareham Forest. It was getting fairly late and Jez doesn’t do very well with long walks these days, so we walked the north side of the Sika Trail for a change. That was after we cut through a couple of the small forest paths, like this one.

A forest trail

Under the trees the bracken has turned bronze as it dies back.

In amongst the trees

We passed some pretty bracket fungi along the way, too.

Fungi in the forest

It had been a very overcast day, but by the time we got down to the path by Decoy Heath the sun came out.

Sunshine on a cloudy day

It made the heath look lovely.

Decoy Heath

We walked to the Gruffalo Pool where Max had a quick play, and then we turned and headed back up the hill towards the car.

Heading back to the car

In the end we had had a nice walk, which surprised me given the weather when we set out.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park.

The path to Hamworthy


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