A grey day at Upton Country Park

Thursday 22nd October 2015

Seeing as how it was my pilates morning, Max and I went to Upton Country Park for our walk today. It was grey and overcast, though, so I didn’t bother taking a camera and relied instead on my iPhone as I had done yesterday. I ended up taking quite a few photos though.

This view, taken over Upton Lake, gives you a pretty good idea of what the weather was like.

View over Upton Lake

As does this one taken from a little bit further along.

Stormy skies

You can tell autumn is upon us, though, by the leaves floating past Max in the stream.

Autumn leaves float by

We walked on round and stopped off at the lake, and then headed on out to the new area. I had a bit of a surprise as we crossed the boardwalk though, as they have cut down all the trees along the stream where Max likes to play.

A lot of willows have been chopped down by the lake

It looks like where they have been working the stream is struggling to get through.

To make the walk a reasonable length we walked through the new section (Max played in the stream there) and then looped back round through the Woodland Walk where Max and I were in search of sweet chestnuts, like this one.

Autumn's fruits

That is what I would call a classic sweet chestnut photo. This one, by contrast, is stuffed to bursting.

Stuffed to bursting

I also stumbled across a little crop of Sulpher Tuft fungi in the woods.

A little clump of sulpher tufts

We rejoined the main path and headed back to the car. And if it was looking pretty grim over Upton Lake, it looked even grimmer over the cows field.

Looking towards Poole

Despite that it wasn’t cold and we’d had a nice walk.

A year ago today

We went over to my Dad’s and whilst there went for a walk at Barton-on-Sea where I took this photo of Jez looking larger than life.

Larger than Life


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