Friday morning on Upton Heath with Max and Jez

Friday 23rd October 2015

Yes, Jez decided to come too this morning, possibly because I was later going having done my grocery shopping first. It was another bleak day but today I took the PowerShot with me.

As we approached the ponds we met the cows.

Here's looking at you

Max is very well behaved around them now and ignores them a lot of the time, like in this shot.

Max ignored the cow, until it wandered over to say hello

Unfortunately, that cow didn’t ignore Max. Max stopped to have a chew at that clump of grass in front of him, and while he was pre-occupied the cow wandered over and stuck it’s head down close to him. You have never seen a dog jump so much in your life! After that shock he beat a hasty retreat. All the while the goings on were being watched by this fellow up on the hill.

I'm keeping my eye on you

We walked on to the pond where Max had a play and where I managed to get this cheeky little shot of Jez.

Happy Staffy

I rather like this one too, which is the gentle side of her we normally see.


After we left the pond we walked through the pits and then on to the lower heath.

Looking across the lower heath

In the silver birch grove I found this gnawed Fly Agaric.


I loved the colours of it though.

Walking on I took this photo of Max in the fallen leaves.


And, finally, a photo taken along the Roman Road as I approached the stream.

Along the Roman Road

I still think it’s amazing that its nearly the end of October and many of the trees are still very green.

A year ago today

Maple leaves at Broadstone Rec.

Maple Leaves


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