Deja Vu

Friday 30th October 2015

It had rained again overnight but the rain was easing up, so I took Max and the best camera and went back to Upton Country Park today. Some of the photos I took are very similar to those I took yesterday, so I will try and post a few different ones. I was also hoping for another high tide (we were an hour later than yesterday) but it was quite a bit lower today.

So we parked in the new car park and headed for the stream. After a quick game of cone we walked on to the Woodland Walk but Max got distracted by the new, big puddle in the field.

Max in his big new puddle

I managed to get quite a nice shot of the Woodland Walk.

In the Woodland Walk

And here’s Max standing under the Sweet Chestnut tree waiting for more Sweet Chestnuts to fall (as if there aren’t enough on the ground already).

Waiting for more Sweet Chestnuts to fall

This is Max on the path between the Woodland Walk and the lake.

En route to the lake

And here he is posing for me in the spot where the lady was taking the photograph of the leaves yesterday.

Posing in the autumn leaves

This one is slightly different: leaves on a wet bench.

Leaves n a wet bench

This lady was walking her dog by the stream.

Walking the dog

And here’s Max on the boardwalk.

Max on the boardwalk

This is Max posing for me again in the fallen leaves near the cycle path.

In amongst the leaves

These trees in the front field are starting to look slightly autumnal.

Autumn shades

And I liked the shade these leaves were turning.


And lastly for today, here is a shot of Upton House from the front lawn.

Upton House

It was a nice long walk again, but to be honest I felt the conditions for photography were better yesterday when it was wetter!

A year ago today

We went to Broadstone Rec. where I was surprised to find a poppy in bloom.



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