Its a wet walk

Thursday 29th October 2015

Max and I went to Upton Country Park this morning. We’d had quite a bit of rain overnight, and although I wrapped up well our walk wasn’t too bad. Plus autumn is now in full swing at the Country Park. Unfortunately I’d only taken the iPhone today. Nevertheless I got some good photos. Like this one in the Woodland Walk.

In the Woodland Walk

And yes, that’s Max hunting for Sweet Chestnuts that you can see in the background.

The path to Hamworthy looked a little bit dismal…

Heading towards Hamworthy

… but a bit further on there was more autumnal colour. This lady was trying to take a photo of it, but Max obviously decided she needed some company.

Max thinks the lady taking the photo needs some company

When we got to the stream we had a bit of a surprise.

The stream is very swollen today

As you can see it was really high. That’s not from all the water coming down the stream though. It was a really high tide and so the water was all backed up. We had another nice autumnal view as we walked on from the stream.

Towards the boardwalk

When I got to the boardwalk, though, I got a bit of a surprise. The sea was almost up to the path – which was fine by Max.

Max is happy - the sea is almost up to the path

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so high. It was flooded either side of the boardwalk too.

The tide is in and there's sea either side of the boardwalk

I took this one from the boardwalk.

Super high tide

And further along by the old burnt down bird hide Max found a new puddle, which I think was caused by the very high water table.

Max has found a new puddle

And for a change we walked on round the front of the park.

Along the cycle track

After that we crossed the lawns, walked through the main car park and headed back to the stream in the new area where I was able to wash Max off before heading back to the car. We had had quite a long walk today, but I didn’t have any pilates so we were able to take our time.

A year ago today

It was a very different day for Max and I to take a walk on Canford Heath.

Canford Heath Panorama


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