A bit of a misty start

Monday 2nd November 2015

With warm damp conditions we have had quite a few foggy mornings recently. And it was still a bit murky when Max and I went over to Upton Heath for our walk this morning.

A misty start on Upton Heath

We walked to the pond for a quick game of cone, and while we were this this very happy dog came to join us for a while.

A friendly face

I’m afraid I don’t know his name: his owner never got close enough for me to ask.

Further on round and and I found quite a nice Boletus in amongst the silver birches.


And there was also this pretty little tableau.

Autumnal scene

By now the mist had just about cleared and by the time we got to the Roman Road we were in for an autumnal treat.

Longmeadow Lane woods

Can you spot Max?

Ah – there he is.

Here's Max

And here he is again at the stream.

Along the Roman Road

This is taken from the stream looking roughly in the direction we have just come from.

Crossing over the stream

We continued on and walked through the main woods along Longmeadow Lane where Max had to play in another part of the stream.


And this was the woods.

Autumnal woods

As we walked through them leaves were fluttering down all around us, mainly from the beeches. Doesn’t it look lovely?

A year ago today

I din’t take any photos but posted some of my Mum, as on that day she would have been 100 years old. This is a photo I took of her in about 1981, so she would have been about 66 years old then (as it looks to have been taken in the summer).



2 thoughts on “A bit of a misty start

    • Thank you. I took that photo of my Mum when I first bought my old Olympus OM1 film camera. As for the heaths and woods here, they are beautiful when the weather is nice, but the heaths are very exposed and can be a bit grim when it’s wet and windy.

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