Back to Broadstone Rec

Tuesday 3rd November 2015

It was another miserable morning but despite that Jez decided that she wanted to come for a walk too, so we went to Broadstone Rec. again. When Jez comes it makes a nice little walk that’s not too long for her, but where she normally gets to meet quite a few other dogs.

You may remember that last week I took a photo of the angel on the war memorial framed by the autumn leaves. Well it was a good job I took the photo when I did as this week the leaves were all on the ground and the tree branches were bare.

When she got there the tree was bare

Given the weather, and that I took quite a few photos here last week, there wasn’t much left to photograph today. There were these pretty sycamore leaves on the playing field though.

Sycamore Leaves

And, of course, there was Jez with her tongue out, yet again!

She's got her tongue out again

It’s starting to get to that time of year and the sort of weather conditions when its difficult to find anything other than the dogs to photograph.

A year ago today

I only took one photo on this day last year: of a damp entrance to Upton Heath.

A damp entrance to Upton Heath


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