Sunday lunch then a bracing walk

Sunday 8th November 2015

We went to my Dad’s for lunch today. After a lovely lunch I suggested that we went for a walk along the beach at Barton on Sea. What I had not bargained for was the wind. To say it was bracing is an underestimate. Nevertheless, there were quite a lot of other people who had had the same idea, as you can see.

A cold, blustery walk at Barton on Sea

That’s Chris hunched up facing the camera and my Dad in the red coat walking away. A minute or two later Dad demonstrated for the camera that he was having to battle into the wind.

Dad braves the weather

It was pretty rough, as you can see.

Breaking waves

But Max was a happy boy…

Max is happy

Max in his element

… so was Jez.

Jez likes the beach too

Chris was less happy, especially after a large wave went over the top of his boots, soaking his trousers and leaving him with puddles of sea water in his boots.

Max doesn't care that the sea has just soaked Chris and filled his boots with water

At one point Chris put a couple of treats on a small groin and Jez went to investigate.

Jez on the groyne

Soon after Jez was distracted by some people on the higher path and wandered back up towards the beach huts to investigate. Chris followed her, and when I had finished taking my photos I found him huddled on one of the seats.

Chris was cold and wet

After which we headed back up to the car. Dad had already retreated and we found him sitting in one of the small shelters on the cliff top.

We went back to Dad’s flat where we did the washing up from lunch and then a short time later came home.

A year ago today

We had a wet walk on Upton Heath.

It was a bit of a wet walk on Upton Heath today


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