We manage to avoid the rain

Tuesday 10th September 2015

Tuesday was another bleak day with heavy rain forecast for mid-morning. I had been planning on taking Max to Canford Heath, but when Jez decided she wanted to come too I changed my mind and took both dogs to Broadstone Rec. At least there there is some modicum of cover and it’s never too far to get Jez back to the car if it does start to rain hard.

As Sunday was Remembrance Sunday it was nice to see the angel on the War Memorial surrounded by poppy wreaths.

Poppies around the war memorial

We walked around the heath area and the playing fields and Jez was happy as she got to meet quite a few dogs. Then we turned into the woods, where I took this photo of some beech leaves on a low branch.

Birch leaves in the woods

We made our way through the woods and came out near the children’s playground. I knew there was a lovely maple there and I managed to find some of it’s beautiful leaves, rich with their autumn colours.

Maple leaves

By this time the rain had started and it got heavier as we walked back to the car. We were only a couple of minutes away though, so I had timed it, and chosen my venue, just right.

And sorry, there is no ‘Year ago Today’ as I didn’t take any photos that day.


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