A soggy Canford Heath today

Tuesday 17th November 2015

We have had quite a bit of rain, and heavy rain was forecast for later in the morning today. I took Max to Canford Heath and hoped to get round before it started, but we were a bit late leaving.

Max, of course, was very happy as there were lots of big puddles.

Big puddle time And I was rather surprised as I managed to find these little Wax Caps by the side of the path. Wax cap

It was wery grey and overcast though, as you can see by this photo taken at the stream.

Stream Even Max was looking a bit sorrowful by this time. Max in a contemplative mood

We walked on to the hidden pond that is slowly filling up again. And as we were walking away the rain started. There was quite a strong wind too, so by the time I turned into it to come down Longfleet Drive under the trees my jeans were soaked. The rain then eased off for a short time and we managed to get back to the car without getting any wetter. And we made it just in time. As we pulled away the heavens opened.

A year ago today

Max and I had another wet walk on Upton Heath.


Max is not happy at being asked to sit and wait while I take his photo


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