Our morning walk on Upton Heath

Monday 16th November 2015

Max and I went for our Monday morning walk on Upton Heath this morning while Jez stayed in bed. It was a bit overcast but the skies over the heath were interesting.

Interesting skies over the heath When we got to the silver birch grove we met a lovely little labrador pup called Rolo, who is 4 months old. He wasn’t really interested in us, which is odd in a labrador pup, but instead was fascinated by the smells on the ground. When you're young everthing smells really interesting

I did eventually manage to get a better photo of him, though.

Rolo - 4 months We also met the two young French Bulldog sisters. They kept trying to get Max to play but he was having none of it. Max and the terrible twosome (not really - they're lovely)

And that was about it. We walked home via Creekmoor Ponds and then I had to head out to Wimborne to do my grocery shopping.

A year ago today

It was another greyish day for a walk on Upton Heath.

One Tree Hill


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