A better weekend

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd November 2015

I didn’t bother with the camera yesterday it was so dull, but we have at least had a bit better week-end.

On Saturday we went over to Upton Heath for our usual walk and we actually had sunshine. Here’s Max enjoying the sun.

Max on the heath And in the pond. Max in the pond

I tried to take some photos of Jez but she was doing her camera-shy thing and wouldn’t stay still long enough – which is odd really given that she rarely moves very quickly on walks nowadays.

When we got to the silver birch grove we caught up with a man with a saluki, who is backlit in this photo.

Backlit Saluki He also had a 13 week old Whippet called Juno who just didn’t want to stand still. Juno is in a hurry

Eventually, though, I managed to get a good photo.

Juno - 13 weeks old (what fabulous ears!) Just look at those ears! Isn’t she gorgeous? And lastly for Saturday I have a photo of the sun, as it was going down, lighting up the silver birch trunks just before we reached the Roman Road. Silver Birch trees in the sun

On Sunday Dad and Pat came to lunch for a belated birthday lunch for Chris. We had a lovely piece of roast beef. I had been hoping to take some photos, but as usual when we have visitors and I’m cooking, I didn’t get the chance to take any.

They weren’t too late leaving as Dad struggles to see to drive in the dark, so after they left I took Jez and Max round Creekmoor Ponds just as the sun was setting.

Late afternoon at Creekmoor Ponds That one was taken on my iPhone. And as is normal on such occasions, Jez insited on walking on round to the local pet shop, which she proceeded to drag me round several times. I was worn out by the time I got home.


A year ago

On the Saturday we had another walk over Upton Heath, and came down the Roman Road as the sun was setting. The rays of the setting sun light up the Roman Road


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