A touch of frost

Monday 23rd November 2015

Only a touch, mind you, and it was soon gone. Still, it’s the first frost we’ve seen this year. Before it all disappeared I took Max over to Upton Heath.

Still in the shade we found some frosted blackberry leaves.

Frsoted blackberry leaves And some frosted stinging nettles. Frosted nettles

This was the view over the lower heath, which was rather nice.

A cold start on Upton Heath There were chunks of ice in places on the pond, not that Max cared. Max's serious look

And at the boardwalk he ignored the ice and got on with the serious business of playing with his cone.

Contemplation on a cone And for today I’ll leave you with a lovely little autumnal scene from the heath. Autumnal scene

I was particularly struck by the sun on the golden bracken under the tree.

A year ago today

Here’s the sun setting behind the trees on Upton Heath a year ago.

Sunset over Upton Heath


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