Upton Country Park in the sun

Thursday 26th November 2015

Oh no! I’ve got really behind again. I’m so sorry about that.  At least I’ve got photos on Flickr up to 11th December – so I really just need to do some writing.

So back to 26th November, when Max and I went to the Country Park. Here’s Max in the stream, with the sun low in the trees behind him.

Max in the stream At the lake I liked the reflections of the bull rushes. Bullrushes

We walked on round and Max played in the stream, and then we headed on to the boardwalk and the views across Upton Lake. This one was taken just before we crossed the boardwalk.

Looking out across the reedbeds And this one, looking across to Poole, was taken from the boardwalk itself. View ove to Poole

And here’s me and Max on the boardwalk.

Max and my shadow It was so nice to have some sunshine for once.

A year ago today

Max and I were down at a fairly murky Lake Pier, Hamworthy. Becalmed


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