A late walk on Studland Beach

Monday 30th November 2015

I had to take Max back to the dermatologist this afternoon. Jez came with us, but it was getting fairly late by the time we left the vet in Wareham. That meant that we never got to Studland beach until about 3.15pm. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so deserted.

An almost deserted beach

We only saw half a dozen other people the whole time we were there, and at one time seemed to be the only people on the beach. As you can see from that photo, it was pretty dark by the time we started walking. I tried to take some photos of the dogs who were really pleased to be on the beach, but they didn’t come out too well. Anyway, here’s Jez…

Jez was happy to be on the beach

… and here’s Max.

Back on the beach

Later on, when it was really starting to get dark, I tried turning the flash on, but the photos were no better. Once again we have Jez…

It was so dark I needed a flash

… and Max.

Max in the flash light

The journey home was fairly eventful. By the time we left the carpark the barriers were down across the entrance / exit. After a moment’s panic I realised there’s a drive through by the side of the exit gate so that you can leave (but not enter). And then heading to the ferry I nearly hit a deer which was crossing the road between the sand dunes! By the time we got to the chain ferry it was completely dark, so there’s no photos from there today.

A year ago today

Looks like the weather was too bad for me to take the camera out. So I took a photo of Chris and Max sharing the love seat instead.

A man and his dog


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