After the sunshine…

Sunday 6th December 2015

We have had another wet and dismal week-end, so I didn’t take the camera out with me on either Saturday or Sunday. I did take a couple of photos on the iPhone when Jez, Max and I went to Upton Country Park on Sunday though.

The first one is of a young beech sapling in the Woodland Walk that hasn’t lost it’s leaves yet. I liked the way the branches spread out and the way the leaves contrasted against the gloom, the brown background of the woods, and the bright green of the grass.

Beech sapling in the Woodland Walk

The second is of Max by the stepping stones in the stream. The reason I took this is because up until now this stream bed has been mud, and now the bed downsteam of the stepping stones has been improved by the addition of small rocks.

Improvements to the stream bed by the stepping stones

After the stream we walked on round the park and ended up at the little Christmas market where I bought some dog treats for Jez and Max. While we were there the man on the bratwurst stall was offering free samples to people. Poor Max was so disappointed when he found out it didn’t apply to him too!

A year ago today

We had sunshine for our walk on Upton Heath, where I took this photo of Jez.

Jez watches intently as a horse gallops by


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