Corfe Castle at Night

Friday 11th December 2015

Although I had taken Max out for a walk this morning, I went with Chris and the dogs later in the afternoon as well. The reason was that I had suggested we visit Corfe Castle, which I had seen was staying open late on Friday and Saturday nights leading up to Christmas and that it was being lit up for the occasion.

Just a little about Corfe Castle. It was originally a Saxon motte and bailey castle, and is the place where King Edward the Martyr was staying when he was murdered. The current, stone castle was built in the early 12th century for Henry I (son of William the Conqueror).

It was finally destroyed following an Act of Parliament during the English Civil War in the 17th Century, during which time it had withstood 2 sieges.

So, back to our walk. To give the dogs some exercise we walked up the hill at the back of the castle as the afternoon drew to a close. This was the view looking down on the castle and the village (also called Corfe Castle).

Corfe Castle and village at dusk

As we headed round the path from the hill to the castle entrance I took this photo of the keep.

The keep illuminated

The dogs were really excited to be somewhere new at night and so there was a lot of exploring to be done, which wasn’t easy in the dark. And by the time we entered the castle it was getting pretty dark, as you can see.


This photo was taken from the keep looking down across the village.

Corfe Castle village

We walked around the Keep, where a very nice National Trust volunteer who we were talking to threw a stick for Max.

I took this shot, which I’ve called Shadows from the Past (much to Chris’ annoyance as he says they’re not from the past!). as we walked back down to the entrance.

Shadows from the past

And this, another of my favourite shots, was taken a little bit further down.

Corfe Castle illuminated

This is the entrance to the castle with the village in the background.

The castle entrance from the village

And lastly, the entrance with the castle lit up in the background.

Entering the castle

It was only about 5.30pm by the time we left, but it was very dark. And we’d been out for about 2 hours: poor Jez could hardly put one foot in front of the other as we walked back to the carpark. But it had been a very enjoyable night and I was pleased with the photos.

A year ago yesterday

Max and I were down at Lake Pier, Hamworthy.

Poole Harbour


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