Christmas Day 2015

Friday 25th December 2015

I had originally planned for Dad to come to lunch today, but he decided he wanted a nice quiet day at home, so this year it was just me, Chris and the dogs for Christmas.

We had a nice relaxing morning, which started with coffee and shortbread biscuits in bed. Max desparately wanted a bit of biscuit. Here he looks imploringly at Chris, but notice he does not attempt to help himself from the box. He’s a really good boy and knows he’s not allowed.

Go on Dad, give me a biscuit

After Chris had eaten his biscuits Max turned those pleading eyes on me.

Oh please Mum!

You can’t really resist, but he only gets a little bit of biscuit broken off of ours.

Then it was time to get up and put my Christmas socks on.

The Christmas socks are on

They’re getting a bit old now. We opened presents and enjoyed a cooked breakfast. Then both Chris and I sat down at our respective PCs: him to work (!) and me to edit photos. Max commenced the all important job of destroying his Christmas presents.

Wee poor elephant did't last long

After lunch we all went to Delph Woods together for a walk.

A Christmas day walk in Delph Woods

As you can see, it was a bit wet and muddy.


Here’s Chris with the dogs by the pond.

Chris and the dogs by the lake

And, as is becoming traditional, one of the trees by the Scout field has been decorated for Christmas.

Christmas bauble

Back near the car park we met our fried Jasper, the lurcher, with his owners and their son. And then we headed home where, after watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom we settled down to a lovely dinner of slow roast pork. Oh, and not forgetting watching Dr Who, of course.

A year ago today

Sitting down to Christmas dinner last year.

Time for the Christmas Pudding


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