Thursday at Upton Country Park

Thursday 17th December 2015

Wet, grey days have meant that I haven’t taken the camera with me on walks since last Friday. I always have the iPhone, but to be honest there has been nothing to photograph (well, not that would have resulted in a half decent photo anyway). It was also grey and damp today, but as Max and I headed to the Country Park I slung the Powershot over my shoulder.

News from the Country Park is that the cutting back of trees around the lake is continuing. Today they were cutting back the trees alongside the footpath to Hamworthy.

Cutting back the trees by the lake

As you can see, they aren’t particularly attractive and most have toppled over into the lake. That photo also gives you a clue as to the weather we are having at the moment, as does this one across Upton Lake towards Poole.

Upton Lake

But the highlight of today, and the reason I was glad I had a camera with me, was that we met two lovely Basset Hounds, Oscar and Douggie. This is Oscar…

Introducing Oscar

… and this is Douggie.

Duggie the frisky Basset Hound

What I loved about them was that they were running around playing with each other, which you don’t see very often in Bassets which tend to be plodders. Only problem was, Douggie did not like my camera and when I pointed it at him he’d start barking at me.

Douggie barking at the camera

It was lovely to see them. I hope we meet them again soon.

A year ago today

We were also at Upton Country Park where a large tree had been felled in the Woodland Walk.

A tree has been felled in the Woodland Walk


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