Santa’s gone for another year

Monday 28th December 2015

It was yet another grey day for Jez, Max and I to go for a walk at Upton Country Park. As Jez was with us I parked in the main car park, but that was a bit of a mistake.

Last week Chris had taken the dogs there and they had both run off to investigate the small furry animals and turkeys residing in Santa’s Grotto which is just by the car park. Chris eventually caught them with the help of Santa’s elves but not before Jez had run round trying to investigate everything she found and Max had got frightened by the turkeys and started howling.

So today I kept them both on the lead until we at the gate by the Woodland Walk. When we got there, though, I met my ex-hairdresser with her dog and some friends so stopped to chat. The dogs were off lead by now and I thought Jez was trotting off to say ‘Hello’ to one of the other dogs. but no: she was off to Santa’s Grotto. Fortunately all of the animals and turkeys have now gone and they were packing it up. I still had to run after both dogs and rescue them again though!

Clearing away Santa's Grotto

I eventually got them back on their leads and out through the Woodland Walk again onto the new part of the Park. Here the light was quite interesting, and I liked the sky behind the bare trees that run alongside the stream.

Trees along the stream

We walked on round the park and I thought, as we walked along the shoreline, that I’d share one of the new signs put up last month. I thought they were rather nice.

Please don't chase the birds

Fortunately neither of my dogs chase the wading birds in the harbour. And finally, this was the view from the boardwalk today, looking over to Poole.


Walk done. Chris can brave the rain forecast for this afternoon.

A year ago today

The weather was bright and cold. We went out to Wareham Forest for our walk, where the ponds were frozen.

Max in a frozen puddle


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