A day out

Tuesday 29th December 2015

We had a day out today to go to London to visit Chris’ family. It’s a long journey for the dogs, especially with the never-ending roadworks on the M3, so, as usual, we stopped off at Virigina Water Lake, which is part of Windsor Great Park, en route. And, we had a lovely sunny morning for it.

Virginia Water Lake

I had bathed Max the night before, but I needn’t have bothered really as he immediately headed for the lake. Here’s Chris throwing a cone for him.

Max jumps for a cone

For some reason we didn’t get as far as we normally do, but here are Chris and the dogs heading towards what is known as the Punch Bowl (which we didn’t quite reach).

Walking towards the Punch Bowl

The low sun through the trees looked rather nice though.

Sunlight through the trees

And here’s another shot along a different path, also looking towards the Punch Bowl.

Looking towards the Punch Bowl

As usual we went to explore the Totem Pole, which was given to the Queen in 1958 by Canada.

The totel pole

And then it was back to the car and on to London. Fortunately the traffic through the roadworks wasn’t too bad and we had a lovely afternoon with Chris’ family.

A year ago today

It was a cold and frosty morning for our walk on Upton Heath.



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