Interesting light over Upton Heath

Saturday 2nd January 2016

We were back to our normal routine today, which meant that I did the cleaning and washing in the morning and walked the dogs in the afternoon. As I often do on a Saturday, I took them over to Upton Heath.

We have had a lot of rain these past few days, including this morning, but by the time I took the dogs over the heath it had cleared up a bit and we were left with some very interesting skies and light. For that reason, there are quite a few photos today.

The first, taken as we entered the heath at Beechbank Avenue, is of the power lines. I know it’s a pretty boring subject, but I love the stark lines against the dark sky.

Power lines on the heath

A bit further on, looking over the lower heath, some blue sky was in evidence.

Interesting skies

And no, that’s not incorrect processing, it was a pretty odd shade of blue. Very steely. And it meant that I got a very good reflection in the big puddle on the old railway line.

Reflections in a puddle

We walked to the pond, where Max had a play, and then Jez decided that today she wanted to walk on up the hill. That meant that I had the opportunity to take this photo.


By now I’m hoping that you are getting to see what I mean by ‘interesting light’.

We walked on up the hill and I took this photo looking towards the viewpoint.

Looking towards the viewpoint

And from further up I took a couple looking back across the heath. Although we had had some sunshine, by now the skies were starting to close in again.

Stormy skies over Arne

But it made for a rather nice panorama across the heath.

The rain is about to set in

When we got to the top of the hill a very fine rain started, but we didn’t really get wet. It only started to rain hard after we got home. And as we haven’t really seen them yet I will leave you with a couple of photos of the dogs. The first is of Jez, looking very pleased with herself.

A happy staffy

And the second is of Max in a big muddy puddle up by the viewpoint which is reflecting the blue sky above – and Max.

Max reflects in a puddle

I doubt if there will be any post for tomorrow. The forecast is dreadful and we are going to Dad’s for lunch.

A year ago today

Backlit cows on Canford Heath.

Cows in the winter sunshine


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