A walk in the sun on Canford Heath

Wednesday 6th January 2016

Max and I went out to Canford Heath this morning for our walk. And although it felt a bit cold when we started out, I soon warmed up and we actually had sunshine!

Max and I walking on the heath

We walked across from Gravel Hill to the ‘crossroads’ at the top of the Redbrick path and then headed up to South Drive, where I took this, by now standard, photo of the view across Poole.

View over Poole

And here’s another one from a few yards further on.

View from South Drive

We turned across the heath (where I took that first photo) and a little bit further on I took this, as I liked the way the sun lit up the old, dead tree.

Trees on the heath

And I know I’ve taken photos of this tree (further on down the hill) before, but today I liked the sunlight on the lichen-covered branches.

Lichen covered tree in the sunshine

And finally for today, another experimental one of the pine trees.

Playing around with trees

As previously, it was taken handheld, but I really need to use a tripod fr this technique.

A year ago today

It was an overcast, very muddy walk on Canford Heath where Jez had to explore a tractor and trailer.

Now what's this?


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