Birds at Upton Country Park

Thursday 21st January 2016

Pilates day means Upton Country Park, so that’s where Max and I went this morning. I don’t have any photos from yesterday, by the way, as in the morning I took the dogs over to my Dad’s to sort out a few bits and pieces for him.

Although it is still fairly cold, the forecast is for it to start warming up, and this morning I discarded my hat gloves and scarf and walked around the Country Park with my coat open.

As we walked towards the stream I heard a bird singing loudly in the trees and looked up to see a thrush sitting in the topmost branches. As it was slightly obscured I didn’t get a photo of it though. We played in the stream, walked through the Woodland Walk and then went onto the lake, where I spotted a headless duck.

Headless duck

Thankfully she soon proved that she did indeed have a head and was just searching for food in the weeds.

Oh good - there she is!

Walking on round we spotted the buzzard again, this time keeping an eye on the proceedings around him.

The buzzard keeps watch

Max had another play in the steam and then we headed in the direction of the boardwalk. En route we had to walk past Max’s nemesis – Alder, which currently has lots of catkins.

Alder - Max's nemisis

Poor Max is badly allergic to alder, but there’s no avoiding it, or the silver birches and oaks that he’s also allergic to (although slightly less so).

This morning in the field with the cows there were lots of Little Egrets. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many there. I took this photo as we walked along the side of the field.

Little Egret

And this one as we got round into the old orchard.

Little Egret

I keep hoping I’ll see one of the avocets from Poole Harbour there (which has been known in the past), but to no avail.

A year ago today

I took the dogs to visit Dad. What a coincidence.

Jez, Max and I went to visit Dad


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