I finally get the car back

Tuesday 19th January 2016

After 5 weeks we finally got the car back from the garage today. The Engine Control Unit had packed up again and needed a new processor. Thankfully the garage was able to loan us an Astra Estate, so we were able to get the dogs around without any trouble.

And this morning was a glorious sunny morning, albeit a bit frosty, with beautiful blue skies. So after picking the car up from the garage in Wimborne Max and I headed out to Badbury Rings.

Badbury Rings

The frost had made lines in the track leading to the gate out of the back of the Rings.

Frosty Ridges

And there was frost on the gate, itself…

Frosty Gate

… and on a fence post further up the track.

Frosty Fencepost

As we had slightly less time than normal I cut across the south of The Oaks, rather than taking the bridle path around the back.

Alongside The Oaks

At the far end, the permanent puddle at the bottom of the hill was frozen solid.

Frozen puddle

Walking up the hill the frost made the nettles look very pretty.

Frosty Nettle

Here’s Max at the top of the hill.

Between High Wood and the Rings

I avoided the woods today as they had been so wet and boggy on our last visit and instead we turned right back into the Rings.

Badbury Rings

Today we walked around the north side, back through the centre (which was very wet) and then we walked around the south side.

Walking round the Rings

Without the leaves to distract me I was struck by this magnificent oak.

Magnificent Oak

And one last photo, from the south west corner, just before we headed back to the car.

A corner of the Rings

And as for the car, well a brake was sticking badly and making a most horrible noise, and when I started it again the engine warning light came on, so back to the garage we went. Fortunately they were able to sort it out for me within about 15 minutes, and we finally returned home.

A year ago today

We met our friend Henry on Upton Heath.



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