Henry and Addy

Monday 25th January 2016

Max and I went over Upton Heath this morning for our walk and met Dawn, with Henry and Addy, our two English Pointer friends. Poor Addy, she so wants to be friends with Max and all he does is growl at her when she gets in his face. Once we start walking, though, he’s fine.

So we met on the old railway line and then walked round to the pond where all 3 dogs were playing: Max in the water with his cone and Henry and Addy mainly running in the area around the pond. Here, Addy found something interesting to sniff while Henry looks on.

Ariadne and Henry

And here are the two of them reflected in the far side of the pond.

Ariadne and Henry reflected

We left the pond and walked on around the lower heath. En route Addy found a big stick which she bought with her. Unfortunately she had a bit of trouble at the gate.

Eventually Dawn picked up the stick and gave it to Addy the other side of the gate and she started carrying it around again. Unfortunately, while Dawn and I were wandering along chatting, Addy came dashing up behind us with her stick and then ran straight between us. The stick caught us both behind the knees before breaking in two!

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I had an afternoon walk on Canford Heath.

Heading back to the car


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