A bit of a cold walk on Upton Heath

Saturday 30th January 2016

Saturday is my cleaning day, and so I walk the dogs in the afternoon: and as is my custom I took them over to Upton Heath today.

Heath panorama

There may have been some blue sky around, but on the whole it was overcast and quite cold (although fortunately I was well wrapped up). I also took the Canon EOS 20D with me so that I could use the build in flash to continue my flash photography learning. It seems to have gone fairly well on the whole, without the use of flash being too obvious. Here’s Max in a puddle (with Jez wandering up the slope behind).

A favourite muddy puddle

And here he is again in the pond with his cone.

Posing in the pond

There are a couple more of him in the pond on my Flickr account. I also took this photo of Jez standing my the pond.

Jez stands proud

The photos of the Exmoor ponies didn’t work quite so well, but this one’s not too bad.

Portrait of an Exmoor Pony

And lastly from me for today here’s Jez having a little rest in the leaves along the Roman Road.

Jez has a rest among the leaves

I do have a couple of other photos to share with you today, though, and they were taken by Chris when he was out in Wareham Forest with Max in the morning. He’s commented before on the desolate landscape that’s been left where the Forestry Commission has been felling trees there, so wanted to take some photos. As you can see, it looks a bit like a war zone.


And finally here’s a photo of Max he took.


A walk is not a walk without at least one photo of Max!

A year ago today

I finally managed to get some photo of the Redwings at Upton Country Park.



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