In the eye of the storm

Monday 8th February 2016

Storm Imogen hit overnight. We had winds gusting at around 50-60mps and heavy rain. I was expecting to get soaking wet when I took Max over to Upton Heath in the morning, but although the wind was still strong we managed to avoid the rain. It looked pretty stormy though.

A break in the clouds during Storm Imogen

The rain had meant that there were lots of puddles so Max was happy, although given his elbow problems last week I had to be careful not to throw anything to make him jump.

Max finds a nice big puddle

Walking round we met the Exmoor ponies, who were getting battered by the wind. This one was wandering over to see me.

Coming to see me

And lastly, here’s Max at one of our cone stops: the place I always used to refer to as Cones R Us. It gives me a chance to stock up.

Max at the cone stop

We walked on home via Creekmoor Ponds and got in just before the rain started again. We were lucky.


A year ago today

My cousin, Linda, and her daughter, Lucy were staying for my birthday week-end. I love this photo of them, taken at Sunday lunchtime.

Linda and Lucy


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