I take Max to Kingston Lacy

Wednesday 10th February 2016

It was quite a nice morning so I thought I would try taking Max to Kingston Lacy. I’ve never taken the dogs there before because they are not allowed in the formal gardens near the house and they have to be on the lead all the time: my time are used to off-lead walks.

The dog walk takes us round a side of the house we’ve not seen before: the east side.

Kingston Lacy House (side view)

From there we walk south around the east end of the Lime Avenue. There are quite a lot of camellias, azaleas and rhododendrons here. Many of the camellias were over, but I was surprised to find this rhododendron out.


Here are all the snowdrops at the southern end of the gardens.


Overlooking the Heavenly Seat (Japanese garden).

Looking over the Japanese garden

After that we headed into the Woodland Walk, which was quite muddy and slippery. One thing I did notice this time, at the play area, was the entrance to the Woodland Walk, which I thought was quite nice.

Entrance to the play are and Woodland Walk

It was a really pleasant walk, and Max was very good on the lead. I don’t think he minds so much now he’s getting older.

I’m afraid there are no photos from a year ago today.


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