Oh what a beautiful morning

Thursday 11th February 2016

We had a sunny, but frost, start this morning. The frost was still hanging around when Max and I got to Upton Country Park.

A frosty start at Upton Country Park

Here’s another photo is the ‘Where’s Max?’ series. Can you spot him?

Where's Max?

He’s just to the right of centre, under that bent tree.

In the Woodland Walk watery sunlight was filtering through the bare trunks of the trees. I thought this shot worked best in black and white.

Weak sunlight through the trees in the Woodland Walk

We walked on round to the stream which gave promise of things to come. It was very deep.

Stream's high - it must be high tide

Yes, that meant it was a very high tide, much to Max’s delight as he got to go in the water along the shoreline today.

Normally you don’t really see anything apart from boggy mud and reeds from the bird hide, but today there was a much nicer view.

Upton Lake

And that view included quite a few wigeon.


By now it was starting to cloud over, but that made for a really beautiful outlook in really amazing light across Upton Lake towards Poole.

A calm, still morning

And finally, here’s a panorama of the same scene, with Pergins Island in the centre.

Panorama of Upton Lake with Pergins Island

What a pity I only had my small Powershot and not the EOS 6D. Never mind – I got some lovely photos all the same.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I were out walking on Canford Heath.

The path to the stream


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