Another walk at Kingston Lacy

Tuesday 16th February 2016

It was a frosty, sunny morning again today and for some reason I felt like taking Max back to Kingston Lacy for a walk. It is half term here, so the place was really busy today.

Kingston Lacy House

Today, though, I rang the changes by putting my 100mm Macro lens on the EOS 6D. I’m pleased I did. As I said, it was frosty first thing and the frost was still on the rhododendrons which were in the shade.

Frosted Rhododendron

Elsewhere there are still quite a lot of camellia buds…

Camelia Bud

.. and I was surprised to find a bud opening on a magnolia.

Magnolia Bud

In this same part of the gardens some of the blossom is coming out.


And then, of course, there were the snowdrops, seen here as a clump…


… and here in isolation.


Further on round the walk where the snowdrops were on the higher banks I was able to take them against the blue of the sky.

Snowdrops against a blue sky

This one still had dew on it.


And here is one of my favourite photos, of a single snowdrop covered in dew against a blue sky.

Dew drenched against a blue sky

I think, though, that the snowdrops are starting to go over, so I’m unlikely to get such nice photos if I go back next week (not sure about that yet).

A year ago today

Max and I walked along the River Allen in Wimborne, where I took this photo of a swan drinking.



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