Tuesday 23rd February 2016

I have two sets of photos for you today. The first set was taken at Upton Country Park in the morning. As usual, after a quick dip in the stream, Max and I went through the Woodland Walk, where someone has made a very nice shelter.

Someone's built a nice shelter in the Woodland Walk

We went on to the lake where Max decided to chew his stick rather than let me throw it for him.

Time to chew his stick

And lastly another in the ‘Where’s Max? series (although to be honest he’s fairly easy to spot in this one).

Where's Max?

We finished our walk and went home, and then a short time later I put both dogs in the car as they had to go to the vet for their Cartrophen injection (they are in the middle of a 4 week course at the moment). I knew from driving home from Wimborne yesterday that there were new-born lambs near Julian’s Bridge, so I put the camera and my new monopod in the car and stopped en route to the vet. I always think they look so cute in their little raincoats.

Wait for me!

Black sheep of the family.

Sticking to Mum

Running along

. Run along!

Time for a wash.

Time for a wash

All gathered together.

Quite a gathering

And then it was on to the vet.He checked Jez’s heart while we were there and can still hear a slight murmour so I’ve booked her in for an ultrasound next week to see what’s going on.

A year ago today

Jez, Max and I got rained on on Upton Heath. And then the sun came out.

Jez is happier now the hail has stopped and there is a hint of sunshine


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