A bit of an obstruction

Thursday 25th February 2016

Max and I went to Canford Heath this morning. It was nice and sunny, but a little bit cold. That meant that some of the ponds and puddles were still frozen when we got there.

Pine cone on ice

That was a cone I’d thrown for Max at the pond near Steeple Close where we parked. Max didn’t really care that the water was cold though.

Max in the icy pond on Canford Heath

Up on top of the heath the sun had thawed the puddles out. As you can see in this photo of Max watching two horses approach, we had clear blue sky.

Max watches the riders approach

We went to the stream and then walked on to the hidden pond, which has lots of water in it now.

In the pond

After that we we walked across to the big, central hill where Max went in yet another pond, which was still quite icy, before he headed on down the hill back to the car. We found a bit of an obstruction as we approached the gate at the bottom, however.

Dare we make our way through?

I spent some time debating whether there was a large enough gap for us to get through when a man and his dog walked up the hill from the other direction.

Looks like there's enough of a gap to get through

That decided me, and Max and I made our way through the cows to the gate. Max was a very good boy. Although they were obviously very close he didn’t bark at them but came on through the centre when I told him to.

A year ago today

Max and I went to Upton Country Park where I photographed this Curlew.



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