Keeping warm on the heath

Saturday 27th February 2016

Today was another cold day, with a bitterly cold wind. Where Jez’s arthritis is so bad at them moment I worry about her back getting cold. She mostly refuses to walk if you put a coat on her so a little while ago I knitted her a jumper (oops, sorry, sweater to you Americans out there). Unfortunately, although I measured her chest and know my tension was ok, it was a bit big. Nevertheless, today I put it on her for our walk over Upton Heath.

Jez is warm and snuggly in her new jumper

And surprisingly, although it was a cold miserable day, we did get the odd spot of sunshine, as you can see here in this photo of Max with his cone (you can just make out Jez in her jumper in the background).

Max with cone

And that was all the photos I took toady. The weather didn’t really warrant many more.

Today was also the occasion of my Dad’s 89th birthday, so a very happy birthday to him. I have invited him and Pat to lunch tomorrow.

A year ago today

Yes, it was Dad’s birthday, and as a treat I took him to Kingston Lacy to see the snowdrops (which were a bit later than this year) and then out to lunch.

Dad at Kingston Lacy


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