With Jez and Max on Upton Heath

Saturday 5th March 2016

Today is all about the dogs. This afternoon we went to Upton Heath for our walk as usual. It had been sunny in the morning, but just before I went to go out large black clouds loomed overhead. I waited for a short while and, lo and behold, by the time we got to the heath it was sunny again. There was quite a cold wind, though, so I put Jez’s jumper on her. Here she is sniffing under the pine trees.

Jez finds something interesting under the pine trees

A little way on she stops to listed to something in the distance.

Something has caught Jez's attention

From there we walked on round to the pond where Max had a play and Jez ate some of her kibble (she refuses to eat it if you give it to her at home). We then walked back through the old pits where I took Jez’s jumper off as she wanted to go in the shallow pond there.

From the pits we walked around the lower heath. Here’s Max in the silver birch copse.

Max in the silver birch grove

And Max, again, in the pond by the boardwalk.

Max in his favoutie element

We headed back along the Roman Road but Jez decided that she wanted to walk back through Longmeadow Lane woods, so that’s what we did.

Jez in Longmeadow Lane Woods

Jez was certainly more subdued today and her back legs didn’t want to work very well at first. It’s strange: we’d always put her panting constantly on walks down to the arthritis. Now it looks as though it may be due to her heart condition.

A year ago today

A newly clipped Max suns himself on the boardwalk at Upton Country Park.

Max sunning himself on the boardwalk


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