So its just me and Max then

Monday 28th March 2016

As you will know, we are resting Jez. It was easy yesterday. As it was Easter Sunday I had Dad and Pat over to lunch, so we didn’t have our usual walking routine. And she didn’t want to come out with me this morning, so so far so good.

Max and I walked over to Upton Heath. Last night we had an awful lot of rain, thanks to Storm Katie, so the puddles are back, much to Max’s delight.

The big puddles are back

It also meant the stream along the Roman Road and through Longmeadow Lane woods is quite full, enabling me to get this photo.

Longmeadow Lane Woods

So I had my walk, I went to do the grocery shopping, and then I had a rest for the remainder of the day.

A year ago today

We went for a walk on Upton Heath, where Jez met one of the cows.

If only they could talk


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